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At Wonderlust Events we take sustainability seriously and are constantly looking to improve on the impact that destination weddings have on local environments and the world at large. We operate in an industry that has been guilty of waste and excess but despite coming from a long way back, we are fortunate to work with suppliers and clients who are forward looking and innovative in ways to reduce our impact.


As a business we follow the philosophy of reuse, reduce, recycle. We work paper free both in the office and on our destination wedding days and promote remote working in order to minimise the need for daily commuting..


When it comes to our destination weddings, they are about giving couples and guests an experience in a locality that is different to their own. We find that couples who immerse themselves in this concept will naturally choose local produce and suppliers, offering their guests a taste and feel of the special place they have chosen for their wedding.

Despite this we remain acutely aware of the impact of travel and are currently working on ideas to support local ecology. In the meantime we will continue to support our couples in making the best choices for the planet as well as their guests with ideas, examples of which we touch on below.

See our article featured on Luxury London's green wedding guide.

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Ceremony flowers often are only used for 30 minutes to an hour, but with a little flexibility, these can be reused across your destination wedding day, such as to dress the top table or entrance to the wedding reception. We also ask florists to work without foam wherever possible and to repurpose flowers after your wedding day so they can be taken away by the wedding party. 



Traditional confetti can have a hazardous effect on local ecology and contribute to the build up of micro plastics. We strongly discourage its use and are often supported in this by venues who want to maintain their surroundings. Instead, we focus on vibrant natural confetti to add to the atmosphere of your destination wedding day.

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Working with local caterers who specialise in local produce brings vibrant fresh food to the table with the lowest footprint possible. Serving plated dishes helps us to reduce waste and delivers the best service levels for your destination wedding.



Wedding invites and RSVPs can be stunning but we can do more to make them eco friendly. We prefer the use of our online platform, but where couples have a strong preference for physical invites for their destination wedding, they can choose natural biodegradable materials, or as one of our couples has chosen, using seeded paper so that they can be replanted.  

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Combining seating plans with favors (edible table plans are now our thing!) is a great way to reduce waste, to use small local businesses and to give your guests an additional immersive experience.


Any welcome or thank you gifts can be filled with local produce, a way of promoting the local area and benefit from fresh flavours.

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