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Our relationship with our couples is at the heart of what we do and our approach is to be more than your destination wedding planners.


If ever you need us (whether you’re burning with questions, bursting with ideas, or just in need of a vent!) we’re only ever a phone call away. 


All the best relationships are transparent, open (and sometimes brutally frank!) And that’s how we’ll be with you from the very start. We love having that fun, honest, relationship where we can give you proper advice in one breath, and you can tell us how you really feel about something in another!


Because when we bounce ideas around, get excited together, and feed off each other’s energy, that’s when the magic happens. And your destination wedding transcends ‘a celebration’ and becomes something truly special. 


If you love our work and think we’ll make a good team, get in touch today and let’s chat.

Holly in a hat


Travel-lover, cat-obsessed, foodie, enthusiastic (albeit amateur) gardener, Destination Wedding Planner and Founder of Wonderlust Events.


I live in Surrey with my wonderful husband, Stefan, and our handsome cat, Shadow. 


We’ve always loved to travel (Shadow, not so much). I love interior design, boutique hotels and old architecture. So getting to travel all over the world, seeing all sorts of ancient buildings and experiencing so many different kinds of beauty…it’s genuinely a dream come true.


When I’m home, I head into London every chance I get (usually for dinner with friends; inevitably following my feet to The Ned for live music and late-night drinks!) 


And when I’m not out past my bedtime, I’m a secret hygge homebody. I love cosy nights in, or afternoons spent pottering about the garden. And few things make me happier than giving the house a really good tidy, lighting a scented candle and nestling in with coffee and a croissant!


How I became a destination wedding planner


The first wedding I ever planned was my own. I’d been travelling the world as cabin crew for years, and then worked in the F1 events industry for years after that. So when we decided to get married in Cyprus, all of a sudden my brain was a firework display of ideas and inspiration! Planning an event on the other side of the world neatly dovetailed all my passions and experience. It came…not easily as such, but naturally. 


I planned it meticulously (of course!) and when we got home, I left the corporate world behind and started Wonderlust Events. A few years later, the supremely talented (and completely lovely) Becca joined my team, and we haven’t looked back. 


Travel bug, kitchen demon, enthusiastic (albeit very amateur gardener!) and Destination Wedding Planner at Wonderlust Events 


I’ve always loved exploring new places. Whether it’s ambling through the backstreets of some faraway city, or going for long walks in the countryside, you can’t beat that feeling of not knowing what’s around the corner. 


I love decorating and DIY, too. My partner and I bought our first house together a couple of years ago. And ever since, we’ve been taking the place room-by-room, and gradually making it our own. I’ve been getting really into gardening as well. But after seeing Holly’s frankly amazing garden, I realise I’ve got a long way to go before it’s Chelsea-worthy!


I adore swimming, exercising, and going to the gym. And I love entertaining too (dinner, that is, not dancing). Whether it’s friends and three courses, or a big family BBQ, I’m in my element!


How I became a destination wedding planner


My journey into wedding planning started as a coordinator at a venue. I’m naturally hyper-organised, so getting paid to be hyper-organised was great! But as much as I enjoyed it, venues can feel like high-speed wedding conveyor belts. And every time I built a relationship with a couple, their day was over and we were onto the next one. 


After a few years working with various wedding suppliers and events companies, I met Holly, and joined the Wonderlust Team. And I loved it! Getting to build real, lasting relationships with my couples; having that connection, and being a real part of their experience was just a dream come true. 


With everything I’d learned from my years in the industry, and a few years under Holly’s flawlessly tasteful, super-creative wing, I became a fully-fledged destination wedding planner. And now here I am! 



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