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Why have a destination wedding?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The one question I get asked a lot from newly engaged couples is 'do we have a destination wedding'

When we chose to have our own destination wedding it was because we wanted a relaxed atmosphere and the excitement of being able to interact and spend time with our closest friends and family over a number of days whilst allowing them to experience somewhere new. Weddings abroad are usually more intimate because you naturally only invite those that you want to spend the entire day with. This cuts out the obligatory invites that a lot of couples feel they should make, particularly for the evening reception.

Our celebrations began a few days before the wedding, starting with a cocktail reception in a beautiful chic hotel in Cyprus. This gave everyone a great chance to mingle and break the ice before the big day, giving us the relaxed atmosphere we wanted on our wedding day, as our guests felt more comfortable in each others company. For those who don't want the party to stop, a post wedding day brunch has become a popular option to say your farewells to your guests before they travel home.

Getting married abroad helped us with our budget, but don't get me wrong it isn't necessarily going to save you money having a destination wedding. Say you are looking for an exclusive use Chateau in the South of France it may require a bigger budget but if you work with a wedding planner we usually know how to find the best suppliers for you, which saves you money elsewhere in your budget and of course time.

The one thing that normally bodes well for a destination wedding is the likeliness that you're going to get the guaranteed weather. It's wise to be ready for the unexpected though and If you are having an al fresco wedding it is worth considering a Plan B in case of those unlikely rain drops or more likely, the potential for intense heat. For example, if you are having a July/ August wedding in a hot country then personally I always advise my brides and grooms to get married after 4pm when it's starting to cool down and your guests can stand in the shade rather then getting too hot in the heat of the midday sun. Don't worry about the celebrations starting later as I've found with most abroad venues your music can go on until the early hours of the morning.

Finally, it's a great excuse to be able to have a Minimoon. Take a few days off after the wedding to explore the area and tick a few items off your bucket list. The world is your oyster and it's important you feel happy with whichever choice you make.

Holly x

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